Total Awarded since 2009: $229,660

Awarded School Grants: $124,610

Awarded Senior Scholarships: $89,100

Awarded Veteran Assistance Grants: $15,950

2022 Grant Recipient: "Coffee Cart"

Awarded to:  Kelsey Fedelchko

 These students, who have been identified as having moderate to severe disabilities, are in grades 9-12. While in the program, students work on functional skills that can be used on a daily basis both in school and out in the community. We focus on daily living skills, job preparation, and community based instruction. We want to make each student as independent as possible and work on skills that they will have for the rest of their lives. The ultimate goal of this project is for the Life Skills and Autism programs to be able to create quality goods to sell in order to fund class outings and projects, all while practicing vocational and life skills.


2022 Grant Recipient: "Food For Thought"

Awarded to:  Katherine Watson & Maria Morel 

Home economics (cooking & sewing) used to be part of the EAST program at Amesbury Middle School. Cooking provided students with an opportunity to learn vital life skills. Within the kitchen students not only learn cooking skills, but also practice math, science, executive function, collaboration, and leadership skills. The goal fo this project is to equip the kitchen in the middle school with all necessary kitchen equipment needed for students to be able to cook and bake in an after school club.


2021 Grant Recipient: "Social Justice in the Sixth Grade"

Awarded to:  Stacey Fijalkowski 

This grant opens the doors of education to social justice matters by looking at the world around our students through memorable characters, unforgettable plots, and meaningful messages. Equality in books must be represented by authors, characters, and settings outside of the traditional white male authors that have dominated the bookshelves in the past.  These books are awarding winnings titles that are sure to challenge, enlighten and inspire Amesbury's children for years to come. 


2021 Grant Recipient:  "Amesbury Fit & Fun" GAGA Pit for the Amesbury Middle School

Awarded to: TJ Baril, Luke Alley  and Kiana Rolfe

This project is aimed to benefit every student at AMS. It will provide a permanent GAGA Pit in the back field that will allow  students to participate during PE classes, as well as during recess. It is an activity that is all -inclusive. It does not benefit on subset of students. Having it available to students during recess,  as well as PE classes, will foster camaraderie and respect for fellow students.  It encourages students to remain active and have fun while doing it. 


2019 Grant Recipient "Full STEAM Ahead: Makerspace at Amesbury Middle  School"

Awarded to: Jennifer Ghezzi, Lori Byman  and Kate Bernardoni  


2018 Grant Recipient: "Engineering Program Development"
Awarded to: Ty Hobbs
This grant will provide equipment and materials that develop a hands-on, problem-solving Robotics and Manufacturing program at  Amesbury High School. Using robotic automation as the lens for this program, students will identify and solve both individual and team learning challenges.  Materials and tools  funded through this grant will be used to strengthen students' foundational skills and provide equipment to develop their hands-on manufacturing ability.


2017  Grant Recipient:  "Champions for Children: Check & Connect Mentor Program"

Awarded to: Ami Henderson, Melissa Lashure, Julianne Pizzi & LT. Kevin Donovan

A collaborative mentorship program between school personnel,  Amesbury Police Officers,  Amesbury students K-12 and their parents.

"The goals of this program are to decrease truancy,  tardies,  behavior referrals and dropout rates while increasing attendance, persistence in school, credits accrued, and school completion, a positive impact on literacy and improving student's quality of life."


 2016 Grant Recipient: "A Museum without Walls:  Connecting Amesbury Students with Local History"

Awarded to: Bruce McBrien,  Amy Mitchell, Carolin Collins & John Mayer

"The Amesbury Carriage Museum in partnership with the Amesbury School District is developing curriculum materials for Amesbury teachers in elementary, middle and high schools. The materials will present content based on Amesbury history and allow teachers access to a diverse spectrum of materials that will connect students to their community. Once the curriculum is completed, museum staff will be available for classroom visits or to host programs in the community and in this way to create A Museum without Walls."


2015 Grant Recipient: "The Powwow River: Amesbury's  Artery"

Awarded to: Catherine Hill

Students will study and document water quality in the Powwow including depth, salinity, temperature, oxygen levels and conductivity.

It will combine math, history and writing.


2014 Grant Recipient:  "Music Makes Us Smarter"

Awarded to: Alicia Harlov & Johanna Kimball

SMART Boards were purchased for the Music Departments at both elementary schools allowing students to experience a more interactive and engaging music class.

"The SMART Board has definitely changed my teaching completely and it is used every day, all day long." -Alicia Harlov


2013 Grant Recipient: "Trailblazing the Brad Ford Nature Trail"

Awarded to: Ernie Bissaillon & Kristen Dore

"Students will work to discover evidence of a possible effect of global warming on local flora and fauna, observe and record the influence of the Powow River on the geology of our area, and study the activities and life cycles of local animal and insect populations."


2013 Grant Recipient:  "The Kiln Project"

Awarded to: Karen Greenfield

A new kiln was purchased for students at Cashman Elementary School to use in art class. Students will continue to work with clay and create pottery masterpieces through this grant.


2012 Grant Recipient:  "When Will I Ever Use This?"

Awarded to: Jessica Regis

Lowell Boat Shop Collaboration

“The level of effort, excitement, and creativity I have seen from my students has been like nothing I could have imagined. Students have written poems, sketched and painted pictures, created 3-D models, and even constructed an oar to express what this learning experience has meant to them.”-Jessica Regis


“I learned how to row, how to tell rate of rowing and current speed using just distance and time, I learned how to tell if it is low tide or high tide or slack tide, how to tie/untie a boat, how to measure depth, use a sextant forward, backwards, and sideways, how to calculate distance using angles in real life, the applications of trig, and what Lowell’s Boat Shop is.” –James Sheridan, Class of 2013


2011 Grant Recipient:  "Making Math Accessible"

Awarded to: Barbara Leary

In her grant application, Barbara Leary wrote:  “What would it be like if math class was fun…what would it be like if every student could experience some success in math class, regardless of the topic…what would it be like if no student received a failing MCAS letter from the state or had to take a remedial math class in college?” Those are the lofty goals for grades 9-12 math teachers, now armed with new tools to help all students strive toward these goals after the awarding of this grant. 


2010 Grant Recipient:  "Foundations For Fitness"

Awarded to: Margaret Welch

"The Jordan M. Shay Fitness playground has had a positive impact on improving Physical Fitness not only for our school but for the community of Amesbury. During the school hours students use the 5 station circuit training equipment in their Physical Education class, or also with their classroom teacher during motor breaks.After school hours and on the weekends adults and children can be seen using the playground equipment for strength training.The location of the JMS Fitness Playground is the first thing visitors see when they enter our school property; this is a wonderful way for opening the line of communication and learning about Jordan Shay and his story.Each fall the AES students are reminded about why this grant became available to our school.They are taught to be respectful and to work hard in memory of an Amesbury boy who graduated from AHS, and became a Sgt. in the United States Army, who loved to be active and physically fit, who died on September 2, 2009 serving his country in Iraq.

"The Jordan M. Shay Memorial Grant received by the Amesbury Elementary School in 2010 has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving."

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Mission Statement

The mission of the SGT Jordan M. Shay Memorial Foundation is to honor Jordan's big-hearted last wish of supporting Amesbury School students and Veterans in the Amesbury area through scholarships and creative projects. 

Board of Directors

President: Holly Shay

Vice President: Kelsey Chandonnet Mahoney

Secretary: Joanne Melanson

Treasurer: Sue Deorocki

Board Members: Jackie Deorocki, Kristen LucierJim Nolan, Dawn Palmer, Carey Shockey, Deb Smith, Jim Shay

Advisory Board: Gary Bent, Laurie Knapp, Cathy Toomey